Welcome to the junk drawer of my mind.

Beer. Beats. Battlestar Galactica. 

One screw left over from some job? Not worth the steps to the garage or basement to find its like-mates and put away. Leave it in the junk drawer, where it will accumulate with other leftover screws until enough screws make it worth the effort to put away.

Not just screws though. Where does all this stuff come from? A slow accumulation day by day: bag ties from the newly opened box of trash can liners, rubber bands holding stems of broccoli together, pencils that seem to grow on every clutter spot, an extension cord used for a quick job, a handy screwdriver. All useful items but too much trouble to make a trip just to put away one thing. There it goes…into the junk drawer!

Ideally, the junk drawer would be called the useful drawer, because its fundamental purpose is to have items nearby that are frequently needed but that don’t all belong to one class of things. Here’s the place to keep a Phillips screwdriver, scissors, scotch tape, pencil or pen, measuring tape, and permanent marker. Maybe even the hammer and an extension cord.

Hopefully you’ll find something useful in my junk drawer. Beertography with detailed reviews…a feature called 1,001 Beers to Try Before You Die…random music posts…general geekdom.

 Welcome to the junk drawer of my mind.


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