Beertography Subject: Three Floyd’s Brian Boru

Beer pours with a generous three finger head with excellent retention and decent lacing. A nice burnt orange copper color. Beautiful looking beer.

The first thing I noticed was a that freakin’, blow your mind FFF citrus hop aroma I’ve fallen in love with since my first FFF. Not over powering of robust like an over-the-top IPA but pleasant. Next comes a nice blend of toasted malt character. Very good balance. Excellent aroma.

Just where the nose left off! The beer starts with a mild bitterness accompanied by a mellow citrus flavor from the hops: orange, tangerine, lemon zest even. The sweetness of the malt comes in with a nice caramel flavor. The middle of the beer brings out a bit of pine character in the hops. Well balanced. Very nice. Finishes with a nice bitter, sweet, balanced flavor.

Mouthfell is medium bodied with just about perfect carbonation. A slightly dry finish.

God damn you Three Floyds. Every freakin’ beer of your is better than the previous one. I’m addicted. I may have to move to Munster. Once again…damn you Three Floyd’s!!!


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