This Week in Beer

Looking back this week I had some outstanding beers. Saturday, I enjoyed two beers on tap at Rozi’s Wine House in Lakewood. The first offering was Willoughby Brewing Company’s Peanut Butter Cup; a robust porter infused with locally roasted coffee and a special peanut butter flavor. The taste, mouthfeel and carbonation level were spot on! The second beer was an Imperial IPA called “The Creeper” from Columbus Brewing Company. I’m not a huge Imperial IPA fan, a.k.a. “Hophead” but The Creeper was amazing. It tasted juicy and sweet. I can’t believe the ABV weighs in at a hefty 10.5!!!

Once again, Three Floyds Brewing delivers an outstanding seasonal to the Cleveland area. Brian Boru is an Irish Red Ale that delivers. Honestly, this beer bears no resemblance to an Irish Red in my book. But that’s not a bad thing. This beer is pretty much an IPA with all the hop character, albeit a slightly maltier one. Three Floyds tends to throw a ton of hops into a beer that doesn’t normally get that kind of treatment – usually with good results. This beer is no different. Don’t expect a malt-bomb with this one, and you’ll be rewarded with another delicious FFF beer. It’s no secret that Three Floyds is my favorite American brewer. They continue to push the envelope which has resulted in their fifth consecutive year as “Best Brewer in the World.”

Speaking of top brewers and pushing the envelope, Mikkeller dropped a few rare bottles of “Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Cognac Edition)” in the area (Warehouse Beverage and La Cave du Vin.) “This imperial Oatmeal stout is brewed with one of the world’s most expensive coffees, made from droppings of weasel-like civet cats. The fussy Southeast Asian animals only eat the best and ripest coffee berries. Enzymes in their digestive system help to break down the bean. Workers collect the bean-containing droppings.” So basically you take one of the world’s highest rated beers and then you let it splash about in a totally fresh cognac barrel for three months. The result? Heaven. The most perfect beer I’ve ever had in my life.

That’s some of the highlights from this week. Cheers!


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