Beertography Subject: Double Skull Doppelbock Lager

This style is orginally brewed as a “liquid bread” by fasting monks. A Doppelbock is rich, filling, strong lager.

Pours a rich brown with hazed amber highlights. The  head  is three-fingers and tan with large bubbles.  Persistent retention and decent lacing.

Nose has qualities of  perserved fruit and dark toasted bread with some faint caramel. Definitely all malt.

Flavor actually has some hop bitterness that helps balance the malts…. light caramel and more toast… a bit nutty… again, I swear I get of grassy hoppiness… With warmth I picked up a bit of fruity esters… not exactly “clean”, but pretty good on a tough style to do right. Finishes slightly sweet.

Body is medium… carbonation seems spot on for a Doppelbock.

A decent Doppelbock. This beer has six different malts and enough noble hops to balance but leave a malt-forward finish. Double Skull is both restrained and insistant. The carmel flavors are best spipped in cold weather but leave a nice lager finish.


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