Geek Culture – Re/Cover old-school iPhone cases

You can now give your iPhone 4G/4S a warm and cozy feel by snuggling into a retro-yet-functional hard-shell case! Technology is moving at the speed of light, and we love our fancy-shmancy newfangled gadgets. But sometimes it’s easier to bathe in the glow of a simpler time. Snaps easily into your iPhone 4G/4S. Fits AT&T and Verizon models. Sorry guys, phone not included – dang! About $12.

The Old School Calculator iPhone Case looks just like dad’s calculator from years ago! It says 07734 which we all know now says HELLO, but back in the day we’re sure you blew some of your friend’s minds with that one! So realistic, everyone will swear it’s real!

The Retro Game Controller iPhone 4G/4S Case will bring back happy memories of years gone by.  Remember playing with Link and Mario alone on a sick day from school or mastering some Contra moves with a buddy?!  Our Retro Game Controller iPhone 4G/4S Case will feel at home in your hands.  Up up down down left right left right B A B A Start!  So realistic, everyone will swear it’s real!

The Retro Radio iPhone 4G/4S Cover looks just like that radio that grandpa would use to listen to the big game as grandma hauled you around the mall.  That little radio was an essential piece of what went out the front door so you could keep your AM tunage at an arm’s length whenever it was needed! Remember rocking out with your little radio and dancing to Thriller with your roller-skates on?

The Retro Camera iPhone 4G/4S Case looks like that camera you got when you went on your first vacation with Grandma and Grandpa. You had that gut-feeling that you going to become the next Ansel Adams or international super-spy taking pictures of everything.  Now you can re-live those moments with your phone’s camera and the flashback case!


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