Geek Culture — Thirteenth Street “Stationery of Horror”

Now I know it’s always nice to spruce up those boring old office supplies, but perhaps the 13th Street Stationery of Horror might be taking that idea a little too far. Just a little. This zombie stationery is flat out awesome. Created for 13th Street, and

Created from the vivid mind of Jacques Pense, the 13th Street Stationery of Horror was designed for the horror channel in Germany, and features the morbidly altered profiles of the network execs. I guess you might enjoy this if you really don’t like your boss. Jacques won a few awards for this piece including; New York Festivals – Silver,  ADC Germany – Bronze, ADC Europe – Finalist, D&AD – In Book. Take a look at Jacques Behance.action/suspense channel in Europe and owned by NBC, the stationery shows zombies being ripped, cut, and impaled by the office surroundings the paper is interacting with naturally.

So the next time you want your landlord to finally fix that leaky faucet…skip the fuzzy kitties playing with yarn balls stationary. This twisted crap will surely lethim know you mean business this time.


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