Beertography and Review: Two Brothers Bonfire

Brewed by: Two Brothers Brewing Company
Warrenville, Illinois USA
Style: Dunkelweizen 
ABV: 6.2%


Pours a muddy dark brown with ruby highlights. One and a half finger light tan head which acts like it has to catch a bus. Minimal lacing…really none to speak of.

 AROMA (8/10)

Aroma is all malt.  Hops fear to tread here. Smells of buscuit, toasted malts and a moderate sweetness like candied sugar. A pinch of Allspice, a slice of banana and caramel. And damn if I don’t get a quick hit of campfire marshmallow.

FLAVOR  (16/20)

The first thing that completely dominants the tongue is  strong roasty malts and smokiness followed by bitter chocolate and caramel. This then fades into a pleasant biscuit and nutty finish which lasts and lasts.


Feels thin and slick in the mouth with a low to average level of carbonation.


Dunkelweizen isn’t my favorite style and Bonfire is an interested variation on it. I feel it’s not very approachable for the beginner and to tell the truth I didn’t care for it at first. I then regrouped, poured another glass and started to enjoy it. Would I buy it again…not likely.

FINAL SCORE  (38/50)


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