Beertography and Review: New Glarus Spotted Cow

Brewed by: New Glarus Brewing Company
New Glarus, Wisconsin USA
Style: Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 4.8%

Commercial description:  Cask conditioned ale has been the popular choice among brews since long before prohibition. We continue this pioneer spirit with our Wisconsin farmhouse ale. Brewed with flaked barley and the finest Wisconsin malts. We even give a nod to our farmers with a little hint of corn.  Naturally cloudy we allow the yeast to remain in the bottle to enhance fullness of flavors, which cannot be duplicated otherwise. Expect this ale to be fun, fruity and satisfying. You know you’re in Wisconsin when you see the Spotted Cow.

Special shout-out to jacob, a.k.a. “Sud Savant” for this little gem. Sadly, New Glarus is not distributed in Ohio : (


A pour into a tulip glass reveals a lively two finger soapy head which dissipates quickly. Fair to moderate amount of lacing. Body is straw colored and cloudy.

AROMA (7/10)

It was tough to pull out much. Hints of fruit esters will some subtle whiffs of banana, orange and lemon zest. Not much here.

FLAVOR  (18/20)

Pale malts, some fruit zest, crisp delicious apple rounded out by some corn sweetness.  Sweetness is on point and adds a nice depth without getting in the overall crisp and clean profile. This one knock you over with it’s simple, straightforward approach.


Light without being thin…crisp…clean, tart finish. Overall creamy mouthfeel. The drinkability on this one is off the charts! This is an excellent low-alcohol, session beer.


Is it possible to be knocked off your feet by subtleness? Yes. This is a crisp, clean straightforward drinker. I could see easily crushing a six pack of it on a hot August day.

FINAL SCORE  (44/50)



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4 responses to “Beertography and Review: New Glarus Spotted Cow

  1. Don

    one of many great brews from New Glarus! …and one of my favs!

  2. Jim

    New Glarus! It’s only sold in Wisconsin. 49 states are missing out on the best beers crafted in the world!!!

  3. jon turner

    Moon Man baby!!

  4. Anonymous

    Just finished brewing a Spotted Cow clone all-grain version!

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