1,001 Beers To Try Before You Die

Lost Abbey Deliverance
Brewed by: Port Brewing/Lost Abbey
Location: San Marcos, California USA
Style: American Strong Ale
ABV: 12.5%
Serve in Snifter, Trappist glass
Serving temperature: 50-55°F

Commercial Description: Our first release of the embodiment of good versus evil in a barrel-aged blend. Part bourbon barreled The Serpent’s Stout, and part brandy barreled The Angel’s Share, this is our most anticipated release of the summer.

Founded in 2006, Port Brewing Company produces a line of award-winning American ales and the groundbreaking Lost Abbey family of Belgian-inspired beers. Craft brewed under the direction of co-founder and World Champion brewer Tomme Arthur, five beers are issued under the Lost Abbey label year-round: Avant Garde, Lost and Found, Red Barn, Devotion and Judgment Day. Additionally, a number of seasonal and specialty releases are offered at various times throughout the year. As many of these are blended and aged for up to 18 months in French Oak, Brandy and Bourbon barrels, Lost Abbey beers are universally recognized for their complexity, unique flavors, and bold, boundary-pushing styles.

Since opening its doors, Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey beers have won more nearly 100 medals in regional, national and international competitions. Rate Beer ranks the brewery number three in the world, and six of its beers are among the 100 best beers.

Brewery / Brewer Awards

  • 2008 World Beer Cup: World Champion Small Brewing Company
  • 2008 World Beer Cup: Tomme Arthur, World Champion Small Brewer
  • 2007 Great American Beer Festival: Small Brewery of the Year
  • 2007 Great American Beer Festival: Tomme Arthur Small Brewer of the Year

**On a personal note my niece lives in Southern Cali and has completely let her dear uncle down by failing to send my any of the delicious beer. But I’m not bitter…


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