Beertography and Review: Three Floyds Rabbid Rabbit

Brewed by: Three Floyds Brewing Company
Munster, Indiana USA
Style: Saison
ABV: 7.4%

Commercial description: Smooth and elegant, light body, creamy mouthfeel, light spicing from coriander and orange peel give a wonderfully malty/spicy sweet ale. Big alcohol lurking underneath a light and frothy exterior


Lovely, luminescent and cloudy amber/orange color, generous two-finger head is a tight carpet of whitish fuzz, and there’s active carbonation, bubbles rising perennially, a ripe appearance. Above average lacing.

AROMA (10/10)

Smell is quite nice and complex, with aromas of fruit esters  and fresh cut flowers, yeast and a bit of funk, spice, ginger, herbs, a bit of honey sweetness, and some hay and grass. Love it. After smelling it, you know you’re in for an experience.

FLAVOR  (18/20)

Taste is quite clean and smooth, and consists of many of the same components from the smell. It’s quite floral and herbal, with flavors of ginger, some fruit, spice, wildflowers, bit of residual sweetness.Oh, and that sharp peppery finish is to die for! It has a unique funkiness that seems to be a combination of herbs and yeast rather than yeast alone. There is yeast here, but not in abundance. There is just a ton going on here but it all melds together beautifully, and the ginger cleanses the palate after each sip to allow for the next cornucopia of flavor. Amazing.


Moderately carbonated, slightly acidic, medium/light in body, loads of spicey alcohol warmth, with a somewhat dry, peppery finish.


This is a fantastic beer. Do I dare say I’d put it right up there with Dupont? Damn, I guess I have to.  It’s completely different than Saison Dupont, but wonderful in it’s uniqueness. Definitely worth a try. If it weren’t 9% I could drink it all day. Three Floyds, you’ve done it again.

FINAL SCORE  (48/50)


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