Beertography and Review: Epic Armageddon

Brewed by: Epic Brewing Company (NZ)
Auckland, New Zealand
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.6.%

Commercial description: Inspired by west Coast IPA’s on a trip to San Diego for the World Beer Cup and a part of an IPA showdown with Hallertau Brewery . Only 1000 litres of this insane hop joy have been created. The rumour has started that Epic Armageddon IPA is “the sole reason there is a global hop shortage.”

Pours a beautiful golden copper color with great clarity and lively carbonation with compact bubbles rising to a two-finger off-white head which has average retention. Head leaves a generous amount of splotchy, sticky lacing as it dissipates.
AROMA (10/10)

Aroma is very juicy and citrusy; mainly bitter grapefruit peel and pith, with some lighter sweet orange. It is very bright, clean and pleasant. Some pine and grass hop aromas. Hints of yeasty bread and a raisiny element underneath with the faintest caramel sweetness as the beer warms a little.
FLAVOR (18/20)

Taste very close to its aromas. Extremely floral, the citrus grapefruit and a light touch of passion fruit cuts through the caramel malt foundation nicely. The first sip fades into a luscious hop flavor of rare intensity and complexity. Taste is a balanced mixture of hops, citrus, pineapple, lemon, pine and some dryness. There was only a mild bitterness to this one. Nicely carbonated.

Light to medium body, but highly carbonated with prickly bubbles on the tongue.

A well-crafted IPA, that is surprisingly easy to drink. Well balanced and slightly less bitter than many American versions. However, the steep price would keep me from enjoying this more often.




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