Beertography and Review: Sixpoint Resin

Brewed by: Sixpoint Brewery
Brooklyn, New York USA
Style: American Double / Imperial IPA 
ABV: 9.1%

Commercial description:  It’s been less than a year since we released our four core beers in cans, and we’re ecstatic to announce a new addition to the flock. This isn’t a seasonal release, like the Autumnation of last fall or Diesel, still going ’round this winter. It isn’t our upcoming spring seasonal can, either. It’s a never-before-released, big beer in a slim, 12 oz. can with a potent burst of hops and as strong as an ox: Resin. We zeroed in on the botanical structure of the hop cone to get to the essence of this beer. When hops are at their peak maturity, their cores swell up with a sticky, golden, resinous substance that is the flavor you crave from an IPA. WIth an IBU of 103 and ABV of 9.1%, Resin can be loosely described as a double IPA — but rarely do Sixpoint beers adhere to any strict style demands.


Pours a beautifully bright, amberish/copper-gold with a tiny hint of haze. It’s a bit darker than your typical double DIPA. Pour results in a rocky one-finger off-tan head. Decent retention with average lacing. Average amount of visible carbonation.

AROMA (9/10)

Not much on the nose at first, but it became more aromatic as it warmed. Hints of pine and slightly earthy hops with a touch of caramel malt sweetness to keep things balanced.  A faint floral presence and just a suggestion of mango create a pleasant experience.

FLAVOR  (17/20)

Taste follows the nose for the most part. A grapefruit-pineapple citrus hop wallop up front followed by a honey-brown sugar maltness that keeps things in check…not overly complex but pretty damn tasty and delightful. Alcohol is not shy and sneaks in at the end.


Medium bodied; sticky with a moderate carbonation. Very refreshing. Slightly dry finish.


Love the skinny can! This is not a hopheads DIPA. Balanced…refined…refreshing. Not a crazy hop-bomb. For me, this is the ultimate delectable beer from Sixpoint.  I have enjoyed every one of their beers so far and this one might be my absolute favorite and I will seek it out again..

FINAL SCORE  (43/50)



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2 responses to “Beertography and Review: Sixpoint Resin

  1. Nice write up and pics. I’ve seen these on the endcap at Binny’s, but didn’t know what they were all about. I might just have to give them a shot!

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