Beertography and Review: Nøgne Ø Pale Ale

Brewed by: Nøgne Ø
Grimstad, Norway
Style: American Pale Ale (APA)
ABV: 6.0%

Commercial description: A refreshing light and hoppy ale. Probably our best allrounder. Recommended serving temperature 8°C/45°F. Ideal with barbequed or smoked meat dishes. Ingredients: Maris Otter, wheat and caramel malt; Northern Brewer and Centenneal hops; English ale yeast, and our local Grimstad water.


Looks anything but pale! The most unique pale ales I’ve ever poured.  Deep hazy orange gives the illusion of low-pulp orange juice. Topped with a massive off-white foamy and dense head. Uneven sinking, slow and clingy all the way down. Average lacing.

AROMA (8/10)

The first thing that hit my nose was a funky barnyard hay aroma; similar to a brettanomyces in a lambic. Cutting through the funk is a floral hoppiness and notes of grapefruit and citrus with a touch of sweet, bready malt and some underlying caramel.

FLAVOR (18/20)

This beer is so refreshing and so well-balanced. A floral hoppy flavor comes through, balanced by fruit esters coming through again, giving bananas and a bit of citrus, namely tangerine and lemon. Bright citrus initially that is overtaken by a caramel-flavored toasted malt. The malt is more than a base, and acts more as the primary flavor component. Notes of dry oak with subtle spices. The yeast used could be mistaken for a Belgian. The maltiness provides a little more sweetness, a nice toasty flavor, and a really solid backbone to the beer. Incredibly complex and perfectly balanced.


A medium in body, creamy, smooth carbonation; the mouthfeel is lovely. It fits perfectly. Long, tongue-coating hoppy aftertaste.


This beer is very enjoyable and it was a treat to drink. I didn’t know what to expect of it after experiencing the aroma. . This is a terrific APA from Nøgne . Full of flavor and almost too easy to drink. I’ll definitely have this one again.



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