Beertography and Review: Mikkeller Mikkeller Koppi Tomahawk x Guji Natural Coffee IPA

Brewed by: Mikkeller (brewed at De Proefbrouwerij)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
ABV: 6.9%

Commercial description: Danish: En kaffe-IPA brygget på: vand, malt, havreflager, humle (Tomahawk), kaffe (økologisk Guji Natural fra Sidamo, Etiopien) og gær.


Pours with a vigorous, two and a half finger head of loose khaki foam on top of a very hazy, yellow-brown body. The head settles at a moderate pace a leaves moderate sticky lace on the glass. Definitely not a pretty beer by any stretch of the imagination.

AROMA (9/10)

Aroma is unique, just like the beer. There is a coffee aspect to it; notes are present but not overpowering. Lots of pleasant hops. Citrus and pine; a hint of roasted bitterness on the finish. Some biscuit is detected.

FLAVOR (19/20)

This weird marriage really works! A blast of serious piney and slightly woody hop notes are followed closely by an understated coffee. I think this works because the coffee is bright and acidic and most likely roasted light. The flavors blend superbly, creating a beer that is highly bitter, but immensely drinkable. Caramel also lurks in the background to provide balance, along with a slight husky grain profile & dryness. Finishes with grapefruit and orange zest aftertaste.


Slightly sweet with a fairly full body. Ample carbonation cleans the palate between each sip. Lots of carbonation., Fairly viscous, but not nearly as much as the appearance would imply. Finishes a tad dry.


This is one that I look forward to each year. Awesome IPA character with some coffee added to it. Very cool concept. Love how the coffee is on the end and not overwhelming. It really works.



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