Beertography and Review: Sierra Nevada Oatmeal Stout (2012 Beer Camp #45)

Brewed by: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Chico, California USA
Style: Imperial Stout (Oatmeal)
ABV: 9.0%

Commercial description: This big oatmeal stout is midnight black in color–with a big roasty, mocha-like aroma. It has a silky body from the use of rolled oats, and a round and lasting finish. Perfect as an after dinner treat.


Pours a viscous dark brown, nearly black with a thin mocha 3/4-finger head and no lacing.

AROMA (8/10)

I’m getting a good amount of roasted malts and baker’s chocolate. Hints of toffee, molasses and deep plum as well. A faint, pleasant roasted character. Pretty nice aroma overall.

FLAVOR (18/20)

The taste pretty much follows the nose. Some hints of vanilla with slightly sweet caramelized sugar notes on the front., Deep plum and dark fruits in the mid briskly transitions into a distinct roasty bitterness. Seems about right.

Light carbonation entices the.. Good!


This would be my biggest criticism for this beer. Mouthfeel seems a bit light for the style. I wanted a touch more creaminess and weight. Soft carbonation. Alcohol is well-hidden.


An excellent example of an oatmeal stout…silky smooth! My only concern was the mouthfeel but that’s just a personal preference. One thing is certain – one would never guess this is a 9% beer.



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